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April 4th, 2008  |  Published in Events by Ian Robinson

I’m going to be speaking at a couple of events towards the end of April:

Microsoft Architect Insight Conference

On the 29th April I’ll be presenting at the Microsoft Architect Insight Conference on the topic of Enterprise Web Integration Using .NET 3.5. The talk illustrates how Web-friendly integration methods helped a large company with over 60 systems solve their more serious integration and process agility issues. Traditional enterprise integration approaches having been tried and found wanting, the company adopted Web-based syndication to supply timely events to the systems implementing its key business processes.

Faced with an expensive, complex and tightly coupled database integration strategy, the integration team decided to take a consumer-driven approach to identifying the significant interactions between business functions. The team identified the minimum set of business-meaningful interactions necessary to implement a distributed business process, and then surfaced those interactions as first-class citizens of the systems estate in a Web-friendly, resource-oriented manner.

The session includes code samples that show how the solution surfaced business interactions as Atom feeds using the syndication features built into .NET 3.5.

Some of the key advantages of this approach:

  • Web-based integration approaches require minimal upfront infrastructure investment
  • Business-meaningful interactions become first-class citizens of the service estate, rather than being buried inside a database replication strategy or middleware platform
  • Interactions with well-defined business semantics drive out the minimum of functionality required to satisfy a business capability
  • Consumer expectations imported into a service provider in the form of tests or assertions comprise the contract between the provider and its consumers
Microsoft Architect Insight Conference
Enterprise Web Integration Using .NET 3.5.
29th April
12 pm1 pm
Beaumont House

Burfield Road
Old Windsor

ThoughtWorks Anthology Calgary Launch

The next day, 30th April, I’ll be on the other side of the planet, attending the ThoughtWorks Anthology launch in Calgary. Also in attendance will be Stelios Pantazopoul and ThoughtWorks’s CTO, Rebecca Parsons. We’ll talk a little about our contributions to the book, snaffle the wine, and then head off to the James Joyce for a quick “standup.”

Calgary launch of the ThoughtWorks Anthology
30th April
5.30 pm7 pm
McNally Robinson

120 8th Ave SW
AB T2P 1B3

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