REST in Practice Tutorials, Sept-Oct

August 27th, 2010  |  Published in Events, REST by Ian Robinson

Over the next couple of months, Jim Webber and I will be running several day-long REST tutorials:

  • Following JavaZone, we’ll be at Oslo’s Henning Solberg on Friday, 10th September. You can register for JavaZone here, and for the tutorial here.
  • At the beginning of October, we’re at the wonderful JAOO Aarhus, with the tutorial running throughout the day on Friday 8th October. Register here, with a 20% discount if you use the JAOOspeakerfollower promo code.
  • Closer to home, we’ll be at Software Architect 2010 in London on Friday, 22nd October. You can register for the conference and tutorial here.

The tutorial agenda closely follows the structure of REST in Practice, which hits the shelves on Sept 24th:

  • The Web Architecture: HTTP and URIs
  • The Richardson Maturity Model
  • CRUD Services using URI templates and HTTP
  • Hypermedia and the REST architectural style
  • Implementing domain application protocols
  • Atom- and AtomPub-based event-driven systems
  • Scalability through caching
  • Semantics using Microformats and RDF
  • Security and the -ilities

With ThoughtWorks recently having opened an office in Germany, I’ll also be presenting at Herbstcampus in Nuremberg, 12-15th October.

And finally, if your want to enjoy some REST in Practice from the comfort of your own office (or home), there’s still time to sign up for the ThoughtWorks’ Webinar, Designing and Implementing RESTful Application Protocols, which takes place on Wednesday, 1st September, at 6.30pm IST (that’s, er, sometime in the afternoon GMT).

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